We are happy to announce the birth of 7 beautiful baby Labrador Retriever puppies on June 21, 2018. Of course we are biased but we think we have the best Labrador Retriever puppies in New Mexico. We think our many clients over the years will agree. If you are looking for a quality puppy, that is hand raised in a home environment by experienced dog breeders, at a moderate price that includes perks few others offer, like vet exams at 6 weeks and AKC reunite chips at 8 weeks, we are your New Mexico Labrador retriever breeder!

We are taking deposits now! 4 pups left. We only have 1-2 litters a year so when these guys are gone it will be another 8 months, maybe longer before we have another litter.

Thank You!

                                                                                                                                                                  NEW BORN 06/21/2018

Labrador Retriever Puppies


 Labrador Retriever Puppies             Labrador Retriever Puppies           Labrador Retriever Puppies  

          2 weeks July 4, 2018

Labrador Retriever Puppies                 Labrador Retriever Puppy                              Labrador Retriever Puppy


Labrador Retriever Puppies                                                             

     4 Weeks        July 14, 2018                                       






                                                                           Chocolate Labrador Retriever